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Blogging is Dead but Content is More Important Than Ever

Blogging was initially a vehicle for people to express their thoughts on a particular subject, and to allow others to read what they had to say. Blog posts were usually relatively short written expressions of thoughts, sort of like brain dumps, as opposed to classically researched and written articles.  A blogger could just sit at their […]

SEO Services Pricing – How much does SEO cost? [2017]

SEO services are supposed to facilitate getting your website found and indexed by Google and other search engines, and getting it to appear in a top position on the search engine result pages (SERPs). I don’t think I need to explain the benefits of having your business rank #1, right? Well, maybe we should think about […]

How much does professional web design cost? [ 2020 ]

When considering building a new website or redesigning an old, outdated one, the first question business owners or stakeholders ask is how much does professional web design cost? Some smaller business owners without much of a budget, or just looking to get the cheapest deal possible, try some of the following options: Put an ad […]

5 Reasons Why Old School Companies Need Websites and Digital Marketing – 301

Most hi-tech, consumer goods and ecommerce companies understand the necessity of having a modern, well designed and user friendly website. But for “old school” companies like those in construction, manufacturing and low-tech services, the need for a first rate website isn’t so accepted. The thinking is that customers are looking for the underlying product and […]

The Truth about Building a Massive Email List

A friend of mine was all excited when he told me about this marketing guru who promises to teach anyone how to build an enormous email list in just a few months. Sound familiar? It should, since there are probably hundreds (maybe thousands?) of self-proclaimed digital marketing experts, coaches and gurus who make the identical claim. […]

One Huge Mistake that New Startups Make

I recently spoke with a client who is planning to launch a startup in the personal coaching space. I’m not able to go into details because of confidentiality issues, but I can tell you that the technology involved in setting up the platform to enable client/coach communications in a secure fashion along with some other features […]

Outsourcing Web Design and Development to India – Pros and Cons

In today’s global economy, outsourcing web design and development to India or other countries with significantly lower labor costs than the US, or many Western European countries, is an attractive option. Finding relevant companies and individuals to outsource to is just a matter of searching on upwork.com (formerly elance and odesk) or one of the other […]

13 Ways to Generate More Leads on Your Website

Websites used to primarily be online brochures. Many websites still are. And they aren’t even attractive to look at. What a waste! Your website should be one of your most effective lead generating tools.   If you aren’t generating leads with your website, then you’re basically leaving money on the table. It’s comparable to having […]

6 Steps to Content Marketing Success

Content Marketing has become one of the hottest topics in marketing, for good reason: it works. Here are just a few statistics to explain why: “Two-thirds to 90% of the buying cycle is completed before a B2B buyer ever speaks with a sales rep.” – Forrester “Business buyers spend just 21% of buying cycle in […]

The Biggest Mistake Startups Make Regarding SEO

The CEO of a new startup in a very competitive B2C space recently asked me for SEO advice. He wanted to know how he could use SEO to drive traffic to his new site. I knew he wouldn’t like my answer. Relying on SEO as a significant traffic driver for a new startup is a […]