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5 Ways to Reuse Your Blog Content to Get More Exposure

Creating fresh content is a vital part of any content marketing (and SEO) strategy. But that’s often easier than it sounds. Your content is what potential customers and partners use to determine your expertise and capabilities, and whether you are someone worth contacting and potentially hiring or buying from. Therefore, your content has to be of […]

Sell the Benefits, NOT the Features

I recently evaluated a website for a prospect who signed up for my 3 free tips offer, and my first suggestion was one of the most fundamental principles of sales and marketing that most companies ignore. At the top of their homepage, in a large headline font, they wrote a description of what they do.  In […]

How NOT to Ask for Something in an Email

I received a direct message on Twitter today from someone who just recently followed me (I followed back). I thought it would be a really good exercise to analyze it in order to extract an important lesson in marketing and sales communication. According to his Twitter bio the sender is “Co-Founder and Director of Customer Success” […]

One SEO Tweak That Can Help Grow Your Business

I recently had lunch with an old friend who works for a family owned furniture rental company. She told me that she just implemented a new automated payment system on their website. I asked her who she used to do the work. She told me she used a small company in Ohio (she’s in New […]

A Brief Beginner’s Guide to SEO Keyword Research

The purpose keyword research is to determine the words that potential customers or clients are typing into their search engine when they’re searching for a service or product that you offer. Once you know the what keywords are being used most often in searches relevant to your company, you can create content relevant to those keywords. This content […]

5 Ways to Compete Against the Giants in Your Industry

If you own or manage a small business you probably stay up nights trying to figure out how you’ll ever be able to survive, let alone compete against, the huge companies that dominate your industry. This could apply to any field or industry, but for the scope of this article I’d like to focus on […]

How to Become the Leader in Your Category

The goal of every business owner or marketing executive is to occupy the #1 position in their category. No one sets out wanting to be the runner up, even if being second or third means making huge profits. If you’ve got an ounce of ego and competitive spirit, you want to be at the top […]

Blogging is NOT Just About the Writing

I recently came across a question on Quora which got me thinking about what content marketing, specifically blogging, really consists of. The question was something like, “how much will it cost me to hire a writer to write a blog post for my business?” There were a few responses with answers containing prices ranging from […]

6 Tips to Getting Your Business Emails Opened

Email is clearly an indispensable marketing tool for getting your message in front of your intended audience. But getting your email into your target’s email box is only half the battle. The more important, and more much challenging, task is to get them to actually open and read your email. Whether your sending cold emails […]